The Kutchenhaus brand stands for quality.

We ensure value and the highest quality from start to finish.

Why Kutchenhaus?

We’ve spent over 70 years continually investing in technology, research and product development to create innovative solutions to enhance your living spaces.

Perceptible in every Kutchenhaus kitchen

Kutchenhaus furniture, components and materials must prove themselves fit for daily wear and tear to the equivalent of 15 years usage. All materials are tested for this minimum service life in our own QC testing laboratory and our zero error policy guarantees only the highest quality components make it into our collections.


A history of Innovation

For over 70 years, we have integrated innovative design solutions into all of our products. From soft close doors to integrated speakers and subtle hidden charging points, you’ll be amazed at the difference a Kutchenhaus kitchen can make to your lifestyle.


We put the focus on sustainability at Kutchenhaus

The same goes for the subject of greenhouse gas emissions. Here, it is of primary importance to face the responsibility – alongside other manufacturers – that this generation has toward future generations and the environment

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