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What is the best way to organize my base units, what different corner solutions are available, which waste separation system do I choose? Discover countless suggestions and ideas for a fantastic kitchen organization in our videos.
SpaceFlexx® - The flexible organization system.

Every kitchen has that one drawer filled with chaos: storage containers of all sizes and shapes, stacked, sorted and abandoned. Now say goodbye to chaos! SpaceFlexx®, our flexible organization system, will keep your drawer tidy. Flexible dividers keep order among the usual pile of storage containers.

Virtually any kitchen utensil can be stored in SpaceFlexx®. Storage containers can no longer tip over or fall out and …

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The convenient turntable for fridges, bathroom cabinets and pantries.

Keeping your storage spaces tidy doesn’t have to be boring. When the front is suddenly at the back and vice versa, ComfortSpin must be behind it. A simple movement of your hand is enough to make it rotate by 360 degrees. This easy-to-install, ingenious turntable is immediately ready for use and gives you a full overview of your fridge, bathroom cabinet or pantry – or any other space you want to use it in. Simply install it, turn it on and enjoy.


Opening of the front pull-out via sensor.

With the sensor-operated opening support mechanism Libero for the waste separation systems: Euro-Cargo Soft, Euro-Cargo S, Separato-K, Separato-M and Cargo frame, the front pull-out can be opened slightly with the simple touch of a foot via a sensor in the plinth. 


Larder Unit Junior.

Our kitchen has no space for a standard larder unit? Simply pick its little brother! The base unit with the larder pull-out Junior features 2 adjustable hanging baskets with wooden bottoms and a metal railing. 


Drawer Organization.

Our wide range of plastic and wooden cutlery trays provides you with the finest in drawer organization. They are suitable for any drawer width from 300 mm to 1,200 mm with a side depth of 561 mm. Several cutlery trays are also available for a side depth of 461 mm.


Larder Unit.

The larder unit with cushioned opening and closing glides quietly in and out of the carcase until the movement is gently damped. The hanging baskets are available in two different designs. 

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